Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Blurb – beri – fic :-)

The Book 2014Dear Matt and Mar,

Finally it has arrived, ended up having to order 2 books, my mistake though. After having already ordered the first book I was showing your mother this latest masterpiece (through the preview module, haa haa haa haa haa) when I came to a page and saw a photo of nothing but thighs (lol), obviously I'd forgotten to align the photo after changing the layout.

So after making the adjustment in lightroom book module, which took less than a couple of minutes, came the nightmarish session of uploading the whole book once again to Blurb. By the grace of something holy, soon I had placed the order for the second corrected book (the 20% discount pushed me over the edge, I wasn’t going to order the second book).

After a few weeks of waiting (and a business trip to VN later), it arrived, both at the same time too. As usual it was so nice to hold a physical books in one’s hands and browse through the pages, to see how you two have grown over the months.

Unfortunately, one of the book was very slightly damaged at the corner and at the spine (and it had to be the one with the correct photo, lol). Anyway, popped out the camera, took a couple of photos transferred it over wifi to the mobile phone, visited the Blurb page (on the mobile) wrote a few lines just to let them know what happened (didn’t demand anything), attached the photos and sent... literally a few seconds later they’d emailed back saying the reprint had been ordered and will be sent with no charge... WOW I wasn’t expecting that, Blurb - beri - fic indeed.




Monday, December 15, 2014

Father’s Day 2014

Dear Matt and Mar,

Father’s day in Thailand falls on the 5th of December, which is also our beloved King’s Birthday, actually perhaps that should be the other way round, our beloved King’s birthday is on the 5th, which is also Thailand Father’s day, lol.

Traditionally everyone wears yellow, this is because our King was born on the Monday, and in Thailand, Monday is yellow, so as you can see from the pic. Trust me we are not that coordinated as a family when it comes to fashion... haa haa haa.

Father's day-07954

Father's day-07940Father's day-07962

Results from a fun time at the park :-) By the way you two got told off at the park for feeding the pigeons haa haa haa.

Father's day-07991

Father's day-07989

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Singing Season :-)

Matt Carols-08236-EditDear Matt and Mar,

When you are old, I have no doubt that you’ll say ‘Where has the year gone?’ and definitely more than once :-) Anyway, so where has the year gone? (haa haa haa). Christmas/New Year is upon us once again, and that could mean only one thing… it’s singing season :-)

For this past term, one of Matt’s ‘You Time’ was Choir, at first I didn’t think Matt would enjoy it at all and it was going to be just a one term thing, but things could not have been more opposite.

Mar is also showing signs that she will definitely follow Matt, lol. Mar, you are constantly singing everywhere you go, in shopping malls, super markets, walking down the streets and I don’t mean quietly singing to oneself, I mean most of the time it would be at level 11 on the Spinal Tap scale (the band, and not the medical procedure, lol).

Within the same week, you two had a singing gig each, haa haa haa, and I am still thanking the higher power that it wasn’t on the same day, lol.



Mar Carols-08135-EditMar seems more confidence this year than the last, last year you spent more time sitting still and looking around than singing, this year we could see that your confidence has grown so much, still not singing much but at least you were not stage shy, lol and by the way Matt has lost his stagy shyness yongs ago, haa haa haa.

By the way, sorry for having to blur out all your friends in these couple of photos, it isn’t right to post anyone’s photo without their permission :-), love you :-)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Art Class :-)

Weekend Snaps-08009Dear Matt and Mar,

Well, it has begun… your mother had just enrolled Mar to an art class, haa haa haa. It is at the same place where Matt has his Thai class, so at least you two will be busy at the same time, lol.

After Mar’s enrollment, Mar was given a huge bag of goodies, including several package of dehydrated clay like substance… very peculiar stuff, your mother were told to mix it with water and then apply a thorough beating, stretching and squashing to it… thus the photo, haa haa haa haa haa haa haa.

Barnaby the Bear 2014

Dear Matt and Mar,

A couple of weeks ago Barnaby Bear came back to stay with Matt along with the diary of whom he had been staying, if my memory serves me right Matt was probably the fifth or sixth person in the diary this time round.

Last year when he came to stay we didn’t take him out anywhere, but this time Matt was determined to take him absolutely everywhere during our busy weekend.

Early start on Saturday for Barnaby with golf, then a short break before we all headed out for lunch. Early afternoon he went with Matt the music school, immediately followed by a Thai class. We even took him out to supper too.


page 2

Sunday was a bit more relaxing, we were supposed to have picnic (breakfast) in the park but I was lazy (haa haa haa), so after breakfast we all piled in the car with Barnaby sitting in the front so he could enjoy the view and drove to the park.

Barnaby totally enjoyed feeding the fish on the lake then played around in the park, after that we spent time shopping at the mall, all in all it was a pretty fun weekend, and I think Barnaby totally enjoyed his time with us that weekend.

Monday, December 8, 2014

You are three :-)

Mar is Three-07194Dearest Mar,

Been so busy of late and didn’t have a chance to keep up with all the posts I have been meaning to write :-) anyway (only a few weeks late, lol)

Happy Birthday to you...

       Happy Birthday to youuuuu...

              Happy Birthday Dear Marrrrrr...

                     Happy Birthday to you... :-)

Has it been three years already? We are so lucky to have you and Matt :-)

Sid the Shark :-)

Sid the Shark-07466Dear Matt and Mar,

Finally the day came, for the past few weeks or so, before we all go to sleep your mother would play Sid’s song on the stereo, and more than often throughout the day too, haa haa haa, to the extent that Mar knows every words to the song too, lol.

‘Stella the Starfish’, although I have never heard of it before, but it must have been quite a popular play, the whole of Matt’s year was in on the show. By the way the costumes were superb.

The cast included, 2 children (helping Stella), Stella the Starfish (literally the star of the show), a group of Clownfish (to me the best score for the whole show, lol), a group of Lionfish, Terry the Terrible Turtle (fantastic), a group of Rainbowfish (Matt’s class), Sid the Shark (lol) and finally a group of Starfish...

Of course I think you’d absolutely nailed the part, lol (of course I would say that, haa haa haa), last year you were Humpty Dumpty, then you were quite shy and we could tell that you were nervous, but a year on, you were so much more confident (as Sid) to be alone on a stage and sing to a packed house, even I would have a little (huge) jitters.

Back to Sid, you sang beautifully, however I am totally tone deaf, but you mother is the musical one, and she said it was perfect (of course she would say that, haa haa haa). We are so proud of you :-)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Super Fun in Cha Am… :-)

Page Cha Am Hua HinDear Matt and Mar,

Although it has only been a few weeks from our break in Pattaya, we decided to take another short break before your mother starts her new position on the 1st of December.

Instead of staying at the same place in Cha Am, we decided to go to a more mainstream hotel, and at the end Novotel Cha Am was chosen, simply because it was a little more kids friendly :-) to make it worthwhile meant you two had to skipped school for a couple of days.

After breakfast on Thursday all of us poured into the van and headed south, the traffic was light except for a couple of spots. We’d left BKK at around ten, and didn’t arrive until close to one, luckily you two were in dreamland all the way.

It was amazing to see how excited you two were, Matt was convinced he had been here before (of course not, as it was my first time here too), Mar was running all over the place... We took a quick lunch in the room then of course it was pool time... haa haa haa.

We literally didn’t go anywhere for three days, one huge pool (with an oversized twisty waterslide), a small sandy beach and kid’s world (large indoor playground) was all enough to keep you two absolutely entranced, not to mentioned Petanque too.

At the end you two were as tan as a well roasted chicken, your mother and I was as tired as an obese man running a double marathon while wearing a high heels, haa haa haa.


But this trip was full of coincidences, firstly on our second night a couple of Matt’s school’s teachers turned up with their family, he recognised Matt from being Sid the Shark, their kids were around Matt’s age so this stay had just doubled in fun, lol.

The second coincidence was a bit of a laugh, only a week ago Matt received a couple of letters from an admirer, it was from a girl in his year... of course we played it down in front of Matt, lol. So in the hotel there were a couple of rocking horses, Matt was playing on one and a girl was playing on the other (I was not there). Your mother was watching the both of you...

Suddenly your mother looked at the girl and felt like she knew her, then your mother looked up and saw the girl’s mother with the same feeling, a couple of seconds later your mother plucked up the courage to try out the girl’s name.

Of course it was the girl who had sent Matt the letters, haa haa haa, she was so excited and so was Matt as they have been playing together at school... lol.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Uber or not to Uber :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

A couple of months ago and for the longest time we were debating on the logistics of delivering you two to and from school, unfortunately your aunt do not drive, and with your mother returning to work we were debating on hiring a driver, then came along the idea of using Uber instead.

Of course the first thing we considered were the costs, if we hire a driver we were looking at 12,000 THB per month (or more), then there is the cost of petrol and amortisation on the vehicles, let just say it could be 15,000 THB every month. But if you look into our needs based on 12 months, there will be gaps when we don’t need a dedicated driver, such as school holiday and so on.

Now looking at the other side of the fence, Uber may be expensive, but the cars are always shipshape and clean, no burden of petrol nor amortisation. Uber is super convenient, but one needs to get use to flexible rate (the base rate could be jacked up x 2.5).

So far I have been tracking it month by month, and our average usage is around 8,000 to 10,000 THB per month, not too bad especially considering we don’t have to deal with any people issue and so far Uber performs as it was advertised.

No cash involved, all fares are charged to the credit card, so all I had to do was to set up the app on the main iPad and your aunt would use it to call on Uber. Recently Uber-x had just been launched too, small car, smaller (lower) price, lol.

Unfortunately our brilliant government is trying hard to get rid of Uber, but if anyone who has lived in BKK for long enough will likely to say, calling upon a Taxi in BKK is not a pleasurable experience, more than often they will just refuse to take you, and all you can do is to hail another Taxi, and another, and another.

Your mother’s parents were actually told to get out of the Taxi 10 minutes into their journey and were left on a very darkened street at night! And the government is trying to get rid of this? Please don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good Taxi out there but somehow from experience the bad apples easily outweighs the good ones.

Of course this is a one sided perspective, but we really, really like the service... lol.