Friday, January 24, 2014

Loves to kick

Dear Matt and Mar,

I am now on the MRT heading home, the commuters are lighter than usual, it must be a Friday thing :-) or the protesters thing :-)

Your mother had just sent me a couple of photos that made me smile, your first Taekwondo certificate... Looks like Mar will definitely be following in your footstep :-)

The photo quality isn't much, but as they say, the content is King :-)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mar has Kidney Stones 2

Rose Garden-01990-EditDear Matt and Mar,

Of course last evening’s topic of conversation was nothing but on this, Mar and your mother spent almost an entire day at the hospital and saw three Doctors. The first specialist she was sent to was a surgeon, the diagnostic was simply wrong, due to the transparency nature of the stones it was not correct to send your mother and Mar to a surgeon.

So the surgeon sent the both of them back to the GP, and then the GP sent them to yet another specialist, this time a kidney specialist (obviously, it would have been strange if they were sent to an optician). The stones are not operate-able as they are in the kidney’s wall (so the question in my head was how then does it blocks the urinal track causing the infection?).

The cause of this needs to be investigated, so blood sample was taken and today more urine sample will need to be collected. The lab result should tell us more on how to treat this, your mother and I will have many sleepless nights until the lab results are out… love you.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mar has Kidney Stones

Dear Matt and Mar,

For the past few weeks Mar had twice developed urinal infection and that was the signal that something wasn't running properly. After the first bout of infection we'd just thought it was because she wasn't drinking enough water, and after it had cleared up we were ever so careful to make sure that she was drinking ample of water.

So I was flabbergasted when out of nowhere Mar developed another infection only one week after the first. The Dr. made it cleared from the first infection that Mar should have ultrasound just to make sure things were ok as a toddler don't usually develop this kind of infection (because they don't hold their number one).

So, today (18.01.14) as soon as I was off the plane, your mother called to tell me the result of the ultrasound. Mar now has a stone in each of her kidney, one is 0.5 mm and the other 0.9 mm. Well I was trying my hardest not to go all crazy, especially when I was sitting on the rail-link travelling into the city center :-) haa haa haa.

The train ride took about 40 minutes, and at the end of the journey I had googled enough to have a small peace of mind. Naturally one starts to think, what did we do wrong to cause this... of course all sorts of 'this' and 'that' could have caused it, but of course we could never pinpoint it to something concrete.

For me, I think it was because Mar hasn't been drinking enough water, so from now on we are going to make sure she is constantly fluidified (not a real word... haa haa haa).

Today (20.01.14), Mar had just met with the specialist, and my heart sank a little, the stones are transparent, meaning these are not normal stones and more tests will be required. So right now Gio and Mar are now still at the hospital, they have been sent back to Mar's usual doctor from the specialist. It looks like the tests to come will be quite extensive, they will certainly begin with a blood test, Matt had a blood test once and it was not an experience I want Mar to go through, but it is unavoidable.

From my research there are two possible type (probably more), either Uric stones or Cystine stones. I am keeping my finger crossed that it is Uric type, if that is the case then we shall have to be more strict on Mar's diet (less purine) and plenty of water.

Another thing that is bothering me is that the specialist does not want to remove the stones, saying to your mother that it will be quite a harrowing operation... now that I don't understand... I am now thinking of a second opinion.

So I'll find out more this evening... :-) love you...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Phutthamonthon, Marble Tripitaka

Dear Matt and Mar,

We can never get tired of this place, in the centre of this building there is a temple/shrine (main pic) dedicated to a very revered monk, Phra Mongkol Thepmunee.

Pano Phutthamonthon-01689_stitch-Edit

L P S-01695 smallIn the surround ringed building sit several huge marble tablets with Buddhist Scriptures written on them (Tripitaka), I am only guessing here but there must be at least a hundred, arranged in several sets and filling the whole building structure.

Of course it was like an adventure in a maze for you two, it was supposed to be a place of calmness and serenity... may be I should have underlined the words ‘supposed to be’, :) that was until you two arrived, luckily no one was around and after some serious conversations you two did manage to turn down a notch... :)

As you can see from the main pic, it looks like I still need some practice taking several photos for a manual panorama shot (I use Microsoft ICE to put the panorama together, great tool, love it).

Monday, January 6, 2014

School Starting Soon

Dear Matt and Mar,

To be more precise, your new school term starts tomorrow, haa haa haa. Can’t imagine me getting up at five thirty tomorrow :)

Your mother is already planning where to take you on your half-term break, haa haa haa. I think we are going to aim for Kanjanaburi, I haven’t been there in a very long while, besides it will be nice change from the beach to a mountain/waterfalls/lake environment.

Matt is now eating much better, and just the opposite Mar is now being more picky... just a part of growing up, she knows what she likes and what she doesn’t, it will fly across the room at the speed of sound, haa haa haa.

‘You Time’ for Matt will (luckily) be the same as last term, so, Chess Monday, Thai Boxing Tuesday and Taekwondo Thursday. Mar is still not speaking yet, but she sings a lot though, haa haa haa, she is managing Yes and No pretty well enough (well it is mostly ‘No’, haa haa haa), and a few other words, but not yet a full sentence and we believe it will be just like Matt, soon Mar will never stop talking... :)

Right now Matt is addicted to ‘Minecraft’, building houses seems to be his thing at the moment, as well as using TNTs to blow up holes in the ground, the physics on it still amazes me. Mar has taken up to using pens and colouring pencils, so I am being a little more vigilant at the moment :)

I hope you two will have a great 2014, with great health and lots of fun :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bringing in 2014

Dear Matt and Mar,

As usual we didn’t plan for anything special for the New Year, preferring to stay in BKK and enjoy the capital with less people around. Then on the 29th, Mar was crying in spats and that was very unusual, at first we’d thought it was just gaseous stomach, but that wasn’t it and by late morning it was obvious that she was in pain.

Mai Sabai small-01729The pattern was a simple one, every time Mar goes for a number one, she would cry in pain, that of course put our overnight plan to Kanjanaburi out of the window :) Instead we headed to the hospital (29th), we ended up seeing a couple of doctors, the first one wanted to wait and collect her number one and would not prescribed any antibiotics just yet, but I couldn’t stand seeing Mar in pain, so your mother went back and asked for the antibiotics.

Collecting the number one was proving to be much more difficult than I could have imagined, and more worryingly as soon as we have returned home, Mar’s temperature shot up and she was becoming totally subdued, that confirmed to me that she was suffering from an infection.

The first antibiotic looks and has consistency of nothing short of a white emulsion paint, so Mar was having none of it. Gio and I had to literally forced her to take it, and that was the experience we don’t want to go through again, nothing short of torture for all of us.

The following morning (30th) we mixed the horrible antibiotic with some orange juice and Mar took it with no problem, and with a group effort (mostly your mother’s), we did manage to collect enough number one to return to the hospital, this time we saw one of Mar’s usual doctor, and I felt much more comfortable with her. The result of the number one test confirmed that you were suffering from an infection. Luckily the doctor had decided to prescribed a new antibiotic, which should be easier to take (and it was).

For the remaining of the day Mar was totally out of it, it was so difficult to see her like that, and naturally we took it easy for the rest of the day. Even with temp. medicine, Mar’s temp was still high but manageable, I think the highest she go to was just a tad over 39c.

The antibiotic did its job, by the next morning Mar was smiling and her temp. was almost normal. To make up for the boring ‘yesterday’, we went for a quick brunch, then headed straight to the Science Museum (instead of Gio’s parents).

Science Museum Page

The Science Museum was much, much better than I’d expected, it was clean, modern and very interesting. Full of little hand on experiments for kids (and their dads, haa haa haa, I was having far too much fun). For the first ten minutes or so I was determined to explain to you the ‘science’ behind each experiment, like I said that had only lasted ten minutes (and to me that was pretty good), it was obvious you weren’t having fun with me trying to explain everything... So it was time to let a five year old and his little sister roam around...

There were three buildings to go through, and they were all pretty good... for the natural science they even had live snake roaming the floor :) At first I’d thought it was going to be difficult to fill the two hours planned for the afternoon, but as it turned out, 2 hours was no where near enough, having rushed through the ‘Technology’ building was a bit of a shame, Matt was a bit miffed but we promised to come back, soon.

That night I had to leave the house around eleven pm, to pick up my parents and other family members whom were travelling back from HK, so by the time I’d got back it was already 2014, you two and your mother was fast asleep... haa haa haa, what a memorable New Year... :)