Thursday, January 31, 2013

All better now :)

Dear Marcella,

You woke up one morning with a swollen eye, Matt had exactly the same thing at around your age but that was because he climbed and fell (around 4 feet) from his cot to the hard wooden floor, the shiner was amazing (we can laugh now because all he had was one gorgeous black eye).


You on the other hand, did not fall from your cot, we assumed it was an insect bite of some kind, the bump got bigger and bigger during the first 2 days, then quickly went down, the most difficult thing was finding a way to stop you rubbing your eye, of which we failed miserably, but all better now :)

Your morning’s routine now include walking by yourself to the elevator, to give a good bye kisses to Matt and I, to which Matt would scream on the top of his little lungs, “I Love You, Marcella, I Love You Mama…” and this usually takes place at around a quarter to seven, no wonder why most of our neighbour had left :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

‘Brawling in Bangkok’, Vote for me please…

Their policies and promises can be found all around, on the net, in the papers, blaring through radio as well as television, and it is far too serious to be discussed here.

In Thailand, one of the traditional way is to use these huge rectangular cutouts usually with a photo, a number and a single catch phase, and placing them all over the streets. It has become such a norm that we all have became kind of immune to it. The only purpose that it still serves is to remind the voters of the number associated with the candidate, so that one can put an ‘X’ next to the right number on March 3rd.

Blasted all over the news, from the 25 candidates, the top three are now pretty clear. M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra (“SP”) (Democratic Party), Pol. Gen. Pongsapat Pongcharoen (“PP”) (Puey Thai Party)  and (a long way behind in third) Pol. Gen. Sereepisuth Temeeyaves (Independent candidate).

If one was to judge on the amount of the cutouts alone, it looks like we only have 2 candidates running for office, SP and PP, and it is turning out to be a very close race indeed. But if you look at the images below, who the %$## would want to vote for this guy (PP)?

I wondered (sincerely) which team PP hired to do his photos? More interestingly who on earth approved it! There must be someone sitting in a very comfortable chair approving these placards while sipping on a glass of very expensive wine, there must be, right? Obvious not...

Would you vote for someone who looks like he was going to pull down his trousers and do something nasty to your cat? At first I thought his second placard would be better, but it wasn’t, now he looks like someone who would pull down his trousers, do something nasty to your cat... then strangle it.


I am waiting to see PP’s third placard, keeping my fingers crossed to see something more befitting to a candidate that could be our next Governor of Bangkok.

In comparison SP is playing it safe, the ‘Hollywood’ smiles are everywhere (same as other candidates), the message is vague (same as other candidates), but nonetheless 16 is the number to vote for if you like him (sorry, I meant if you like his policies and believe that he can do all of it within the next 4 years, actually this would be the same for all of the candidates, can any of them do what they are promising right now?)


Obviously winning and loosing isn't going to be solely depending on how well one executes these placards, there are of course the policies and other spices to be thrown into the pot. Politics is a funny thing around here, just like a poor forward drive, the follow through is just isn't there nowadays :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Gardeners :)


Dear M & M,

The shop is in full swing now, the team is tweaking the process, content, marketing each week and it seems to be working wonderfully, there is even a kid’s corner now (for the weekend) and to my understanding Marcella was its first customer :) haa haa haa.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

‘Brawling in Bangkok’, trading punches.


Mom Rajawongse Sukhumbhand Paribatra (“SP”) representing the Democratic Party (“DP”), is the incumbent governor of Bangkok, his party is the majority party in the opposition coalition.

Pol. Gen. Pongsapat Pongcharoen (“PP”) representing the Pheu Thai Party (“PTP”), is the main challenger, his party is the currently leading the government coalition.

I believe the first couple of punches were thrown by PP/PTP in early January of 2013, and it wasn’t a jab, it was a couple of pretty good right hook to the cheek, only if it was an inch lower (to the chin) then we could have had the first mandatory eight count in the first round.

Earlier this month, the Department of Special Investigation (“DSI”) have been asked to investigate SP, firstly for the improper process (awarding the contract without permission) for awarding Bangkok Transit System Co (“BTS”) the rights to operate the Skytrain extensions for thirty years. Secondly regarding Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (“BMA”) and BTS setting up a mutual fund under fraud, simply because the advertisement for the mutual fund had gone out before it was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The cointer punch from SP/DP was more of a jab rather than an uppercut to the jaw and it was pretty close to belt too. Allegations have been made against PP that he had been prosecuted for shoplifting in the US, and that subsequently PP had changed his name (from Pairat) to step over a rule that a person with a criminal records should not be able to become a police general.

However, one has to have been in imprisonment for two or more years to be prohibited to run for this office, therefore the only reason someone is digging this one up is purely for discrediting PP, and so far Minister Justice have not received further information on this shoplifting allegations.

PP took that jab well, and came back with a jab of his own that just missed the face of SP by a hair's breadth. DSI have informed SP that he is now under investigation for illegal donation from him to his party (Democratic Party) while he was the member of parliament.

As of this morning, DSI have announced that they will delay this investigation until after the election as they didn’t want to appear to be ‘picking on’ SP (a bit bloomin late for that), this is certainly true because over 40 MPs (confirmation needed) are also under the same accusation but DSI have only chosen to investigate SP and Abhisit (our ex-Prime Minister).

There is over a month and a half to go before the election, I wonder what kind of punches will be thrown next? Will it be jabs all the way? Or is someone holding back a hook, hook, uppercut combination?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Worth a visit: BAD LIP READING

Bad lip reading captured

Discovered this via Google+, and the post “dared me not to laugh out loud” *, well, ‘Challenge Accepted’ and totally failed… haa haa haa.

Had to find the original site… so here it is, definitely worth a visit (click the link below)

Click -----> BAD LIP READING

* Discovered this via Chris Brogan in my Google+ feed, in turn he found it via Guy Kawasaki.



This was my first exposure to ‘Bad Lip Reading’, talking about hook line and sinker.

lol lol lol lol lol…

‘Brawling in Bangkok’, who will be the next Governor of Bangkok?

Third of March have been set for the main event, “Brawling in Bangkok”, the election for the next Bangkok’s Governor.

Mom Rajawangse Sukhumbhand ParibatraIn the blue corner, the incumbent champion Sukhumbhand Paribatra ‘SP’ have held the belt for the past 4 years and it is time for his mandatory bout. SP isn’t just a ‘Mr.’ like the rest of us, his official title is ‘Mom Rajawongse’ indicating that his ancestry can be traced back to a King, more importantly, SP is representing the ‘Democratic Party’ who is leading the opposition parties coalition. Democratic Party is the oldest political party in Thailand and had more than dominated Bangkok in the last general election.



Pol. Gen. Ponsapat PongcharoenOn the other side of the ring, in the red corner, is the young challenger, Pongsapat Pongcharoen ‘PP’, again he isn’t known as a ‘Mr.’ either, his official title is Pol. Gen. Pongsapat Pongcharoen (deputy national police chief), and his training camp is the mighty ‘Pheu Thai’ party (leading the current administration coalition), one can only assume that his chief trainer is the self imposed exile Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra (our infamous ex-Prime Minister).




Got the gloves pic from ''

Again, at the end of the day it is all about choosing the ‘Party’, it is a common knowledge that the Democratic party ‘owns’ Bangkok and the South of Thailand, while the rest of the country are in the hands of the Pheu Thai Party. So for this fight it looks like SP aka the Democratic Party has the home advantage.

I’d guess it is the same everywhere, ‘public relations’ of each fighter counts for a lot over here, and without scientific evidence or poll to back up, but it looks like PP has a better head start in the public opinion arena.

I still feel people will choose the party each candidate is representing rather then their policies or charisma.

I am hoping the referees will behave with utmost honourable intent, and let it be a fair fight, certainly it could go either way. Even if I was a betting man I wouldn’t know which way to bet :) this time.

Just like ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, this is our version of it, ‘Brawling in Bangkok’ where the second favourite could just steal the show this time.

Friday, January 11, 2013

I am still waiting…

When I first heard about this (several months ago) I’d thought it was an April Fools’ joke thingy… but it wasn’t April and it wasn’t that funny even if it was.

I know this isn’t a new concept especially when eighty nine percent of the world’s population have already seen Kinect from Microsoft.

I am wishing, this will completely make my (expensive) mouse obsolete, just imagine typing and instead of having to move one’s hand to the mouse one just points at the screen, I know this is a bit of a ‘first world problem’ but this should be the next iteration in user interface, and I am still waiting… waiting to be one step closer to Captain John Anderton :)


The books are here :)


Dear Matt & Marcella,

The books from Blurb are here :) and much quicker than I had expected, according to the system it was due on the 29th, but it arrived 18 days early, well I am not complaining :)

I am pretty happy with it, although I do think all photos looked a little under exposed and the binding is questionable towards the rear pages but apart from these little issues I think your grandparents will be over the moon :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Gardeners

No Switch-3

Dear M & M,

For the past few months your mother have been helping one of Matt’s good friend’s mum (K) setting up a new Coffee / Restaurant / Hangout / Eatery / Grocery place.

Everyone have been working ever so hard, and finally it was launched at the very end of last year :) Setting up a new business has so many challenges, but I am sure nothing will stop this project becoming a success :)

Even Matt is helping out, but please Matt, don’t give up your day job :) lol.

Cunning little girl :)

Dear Marcella,

Just wanted to let you know that your ‘fake’ cries can be spotted a mile off :) so please don’t even try to give us one of yours ‘just give me what I want’ kind of a cry, it will never work, lol.

Soon I am going to find a small ‘Oscar’ (I am sure there must be some Chinese knockoffs somewhere in BKK), and every time you give us one of yours ‘you must do what I want or I’ll cry my heart out’, I’ll just going to give you the Oscar, :)

You are now about one year and one month old, your favourite thing at the moment is to ‘walk’, I must say when you walk, it’s like you were tightrope walking a thousand metre in the air :), arms flinging wildly, legs buckling now and then, looking like you were going to fall at every new step you took, but of course never did fall :)

Matt is now back at School (first day today), and you were crying this morning when you said your goodbye to your big brother :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Weekend in 2013

Dear M & M,

As we are coming to the end of the first weekend in 2013, it seems like not all people have returned from their holiday yet and adding the cool weather we are having into the mix, Bangkok was definitely ‘a paradise on earth’ :) I am sure things will be back to normal tomorrow though, lol. Moreover, Matt’s school starts next week, on Tuesday of all days, lol, so we tried to make the best of this weekend :)

Before you mother went to mass we spent a glorious afternoon in Lumpinee Park, it was so nice to see you two playing with new friends. Marcella was walking with such confident and no longer wanted to be carried, I am now thinking of one of those leash… oh, just kidding… :)

On the Sunday (today), Matt spent most of the day asleep (and I have no idea what time he will go to bed tonight), after lunch we took both of you to Or.Tor.Gor Market unfortunately we didn’t have time to take you across to the infamous Jatujak market, perhaps next weekend if the weather is still cool :)





I can see this photo being my favourite come December, it tells of your confident, we even have a new nickname for your now. At the beginning I was calling you March, Matt was calling you Marchy and your mother was calling you Mar.

But now everyone calls you ‘Jay’, it is a Chinese word for ‘Big Sister’, haa haa haa, oh you’ll understand it soon enough :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013 :)

Dear Matt and Marcella,

We took a short trip to Safari World yesterday, and wow what a day :) I didn’t expect much as we have been here once before when Matt was quite young, and all we did was to drive around the open zoo then went home, but there was so much more :)

After the drive in the open zoo, where Marcella was totally mesmerised and Matt was all excited, we parked the car to what seems to me to be about a billion miles away, we had to get on a tram like train to get to the park, which to me was a pain but to you two was another fantastic chance to have fun :)

To best sum up, Safari World splits into two section, ‘Safari Park’ which is the drive it yourself open zoo, and ‘Marine Park’, where I think the name was a bit misleading, it housed all of the shows such as Dolphins Show, Jungle Walk, Orangutan show, Seal World, Stunt Show, Eggs World and so on.

I am not a big fan of shows with animals, somehow it just feels strange to have all these animals perform for us humans :) but what I totally loved was the chance to feed the Giraffes! To be able to get so close to them was a real joy, I think Marcella was a little confused but Matt was having so much fun, but I think we had more fun than the kids though, lol.