Sunday, July 10, 2011

“What an interesting week :)” just got a lot more interesting :)

After all the hospital visits, the worrying 39+ temperature, the coughing, the sneezing not to mention all of those medicines and when we thought all of it was behind us, it all turned out to be just an ‘Hor d’oeuvre’.



Here is the main course, as soon as everything was returning to normal we discovered yesterday afternoon that Matt had developed these red blotches, and it was growing. Not giving it much thought, because he had this prior to the very recent high temp. spell, the Dr. just prescribed some anti-allergy meds. and after a few days the red patches were gone.


But by the afternoon the red patches just got angrier, and it was now spreading all over the neck and face, so we decided to once again visit the hospital… oh what joy.


Visiting yet another Dr., this one was a lot more methodical, and after a length discussion, we (actually probably me more than the wife) believed it was the darn ‘Strawberries’ he ate yesterday. The summer school starts this Monday, we are hoping all this will be cleared up by then, fingers crossed :)

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