Monday, July 4, 2011

39.5 C

Dear Matt,

It didn’t get better, your antibiotic was administered last night as soon as we returned from the hospital, and then again this morning. All through out the day through phone calls, Whatapps, SMS, BB Chat and so on, I was getting an almost minute by minute graph of your temperature, was it a bit over the top, perhaps but you have no idea how worried we were, and in fact still are.

I came home this evening and found that you temperature was above 39.5 C, the Dr. wasn’t too worried, just told us to give the antibiotic a chance to work and to give you plenty of water. Like what I have said before, usually Tylenol would work like a charm, but not this time, luckily earlier in the afternoon, I remembered there was an Ibuprofen syrup bottle in the fridge, and it said on the bottle for very high temperature. After your mother had checked with the Dr., it was fine to give it to you.

Ibuprofen was administered about an hour ago, together with the antibiotic, right now you are down to around 37.5 which is somewhat giving me a peace of mind, we are hoping it holds through out the night :)

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