Sunday, July 3, 2011

38.5 C

Dear Matt,

Here we go again, didn’t want to take any chances. The weather have been terrible lately and it wasn’t a surprise to have you come down with a flu, especially when you mother have been suffering from one for the past couple of weeks.



But as soon as your temperature went over 38 it was time to get you to the hospital, in the past we would fear coming to the hospital because we had to somehow get you to take the medicines that were prescribed, but of course those worries are long gone, giving you medicine is now as easy as getting you to eat an ice-cream :)

We were also armed with 2 iPhones, so keeping you quiet during the rub down was also taken cared of (we know all the routines off by heart, anything above 38C gets a rub down), with 3G running like it should Pocoyo was more than willing to keep you occupied :)

Anyway, you are still poorly, but hopefully soon you’ll be as right as rain :)

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