Monday, July 11, 2011

I am officially exasperated…

Hi Matt,

I am officially exasperated with the past 2 weeks or so, it all started with small rashes which were very itchy, after a hospital visit, a course of medicines were prescribed to take care of that, and it worked wonderfully as only after 3 days all the red patches went away, only to be replaced by a mind blowing 39.7 C temperature which even Tylenol couldn’t keep down. It took a couple more visits to the hospital to get this one under control.

Then the vicious red rash returned with a vengeance (another hospital visit), in about forty eight hours it became  a huge red rash taking over you entire back, then slowly it reached around to the front and suddenly it decided to do a two prongs attack, the main part decided to head south towards your thighs and then your calf, while the lesser part decided to head north, towards your head, swelling follows the red rash like a shadow… not a pretty sight :)

Last night we felt ever so sorry for you, scratching like mad in your sleep, so the next morning as soon as you had finished your breakfast, you made a well rehearsed trip to the hospital, this time there were no gentle inspection… The Dr. decided to take your blood sample, your mother said it was so heart breaking to hear you cry, sorry baby.

And at this very moment, your high fever have now return too… I truly hope you’ll be fine tomorrow…

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