Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Google Image Swirl?

I mean how many of us have heard of this? Google Image Swirl is a part of Google Labs (a place of Google’s new ideas), recently I had created a new bookmark folder named ‘Google’ due to the dizzily great number of sites that is so captivating (sometimes useful and sometimes useless, but exciting nonetheless).

You started off just like Google Image search

I love bananas (especially when they are in pyjamas)… here is the normal drop down box :)

So here is the first set of result, nothing exciting here… please note the ‘organization chart’ like at the top of the page…
Click the tile once more and you’ll get…
Just a new way of representing search result for images, but what can I say, there is no way I am going back to the plain old images.google :) On a more serious side, to be able to see linkage and alternative associate pictures just widens one’s horizon, to me it is just like Thesaurus when you are just searching, very, very useful. 
Of course you could click and dig down further, each time the pictures rotates and expand the part you have just clicked… There are not delay, the transition is smooth so in terms of execution it is very good, although as expected the time images are quite low res but suitable for you to make you decision if you are interested in that picture or not.
So here is another bookmark in my Google’s bookmarks folder… :)

(Note (25.08.10): not all terms are searchable on ‘swirl’, I tried to search for ‘Sony Nex5’ and what I got was “<Sorry, this query not included in the demo>”)