Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Google Chrome Sticker :)

When I was a studying in the UK (I was very young then), during the holiday I would have to go and stay with my guardians, they were great and I was totally lucky to have them looking after me. Sometime ago I realised how Google is like a guardian to me, through the various services Google knows me better than my real parents ever could... Contacts (friends and acquaintances), e-mails (most of my communication), Searches/Browser (my questions and queries), Blogger (my life), Buzz (my thoughts, not much here, preferred to follow than be followed), Photographs (my important events (picasaweb))... hell, if I have amnesia all I need to do is log into 2 sites (of course I would have also forgotten my passwords), Facbook and Google that should cover 95% of my entire life, how sad/dangerous is that?

Anyway, weeks and weeks ago I found myself ‘liking’ Google Chrome on FB, and they were giving away free Chrome sticker... Of course being such a worshiper that I am, I had to apply for one, I think they were only giving away 2,000 pieces. At that time I never thought I was going to get one, just went through the mechanic of filling in the form and clicked send... then wiped it totally from my mind.

Then at the middle of this month (14.08), a large envelope arrived at the door step from Google, and having totally forgotten about the sticker, I had no idea what it could have been... ‘an invoice for all the services I am using?’, ‘a letter saying ‘we have lost all of your data?’’, ‘a questionnaire?’... After the reveal I was of course over the brilliant moon... :)

GSticker As I don’t have a notebook at the moment, and so I am still thinking where to put the sticker, but even if I have a notebook I doubt if I would put this sticker on it, notebook only lasts 3 years max... I am planning to put this where the hardware lasts forever... and it came to me last night...

The new Fridge... is the perfect place! Just bought a new fridge for the new place, it has a titanium metallic grey shell, it will lasts well over 10 years (I hope it will lasts many years longer especially considering how expensive it was), it will get great visibility... it is perfect... now all I have to do is to get the permission from the wife :)