Monday, August 9, 2010

Fantastically Cheeky :)

For the past few months we had spoilt you when it comes to television, not in terms of the amount that you watch but the channel, whenever we sat down together we always watched either the shopping network or the AF channel, if your mother and I tried to change the channel you’ll run to the little black box, do your magic with your thumbs and always turn it back to either of the two channel.

Well, we decided set a new boundary here, so last night when you ran up to the black box to change the channel, I decided to pull you back again and again, of course what followed were tears and cries and lots of it, all I did was to remain stern and unyielding. Your mother took you aside into another room then patiently and slowly explained that the television needs to be shared.
After a few minutes you seemed to understand what your mother was trying to say, and eventually you came out and ran towards me. Very suspiciously you plopped yourself right next to me on the floor, I had the remote control on my lap, and I could see your little arm reaching underneath my arm and with you little fingers pushing furiously on the buttons, to my curiosity I allowed you to execute your cunning plan... eventually you managed to change to channel nine... as soon as that happened you looked at me and started to repeatedly push your right fist in the air in triumph and all the while joyfully screaming... I was laughing so hard I almost had a heart attack... :)
I decided to change the channel again, this time you did not go to the black box, but instead ran to do something more interesting... you ran to the television in the kitchen :) the battle was won but the war is definitely isn’t over... haa haa haa.
Love you,