Monday, August 17, 2009

Short trip to Nakornpathom

Prior to yesterday, we were told that you will be moving up a level at Gymboree, meaning your class will now starts at 16:00. This new class is a lot more fun, a lot of running around with loads of new contraptions… :)

After the class you were still full of energy, so we decided to take a short drive to the next province (Nakornpathom), because our house is pretty much on the edge of Bangkok, going to Nakornpathom took hardly any time at all. One of the main attraction at Nakornpathom is the ‘Pathom Jadee’, a temple right in the middle of the main town.

Apart from the temple, Pathom Jadee has a great evening market with loads and loads of food stalls :)












We ended up at one of the very busy noodle stall, that is always a good sign, and were lucky enough to have found a very recently vacant table (all the dirty dishes from the previous patrons were still sitting on the table).

Unfortunately, they were just a little too popular. When I went up to order, I was told to go back to our table and wait, once they are ready they will come and clear the table as well as take our order, oh, and it was going to be around 30 minutes… :( So your mother and I decided to find another place, we were sure they make great noodles but I wasn’t prepared to wait 30 minutes just for them to take our order… No hard feelings, we shall return… :)


This is also another interesting stall, ‘Flying Ice Cream’, basically the vendor throws the ice cream really high up in the air and then catches it in a cup, I have yet to see him drop one…

There are a couple of these ‘Flying Ice Cream’ stalls in the market, and both of them claimed to be the ‘original’ :)

We are trying to find new places for you to see each week, hopefully we won’t run out of idea any time soon :)