Saturday, August 15, 2009

Brand New Shoes

SNC11384 There are many, many natural laws in life, because I am 36 years older than you are I have already discovered many of those laws purely through experience… As you grow up, you’ll discover that women likes shoes, so far there has been no real scientific reasoning on why that is so, but judging from your mother, grandmother and several of our friends (female) shoes and the ladies goes together better than banana and ice-cream.

So when it was time to get you a new pair of shoes, I had left it in the hands of the expert, namely your mother… so far you have about 7 pairs of shoes (courtesy of your mother and your grandmother), considering that you spend most of your time barefoot ,that is just about 6 pairs too many :) (truth be told, several of those pairs are too big, so they are just waiting for you to grow into them).





Anyway, one of your main shoes are already too small, so it gave your mother an opportunity to show off her talent… Shoes Spotting…

It is of course always better to bite the shoes first, before it bites you!




SNC11400Another interesting fact, while in the toy section, you’ll show real interest in all the toys, but as soon as we get it home we would always discovered that it was the box that you were interested in.

Because we are now wiser, we didn’t get you this toy this time, instead we left you to mess around until you were bored.

Judging by the way you were hammering at it, and no doubt many kids have already had a good go at this, no wonder why so many toys on display are often broken… :)