Monday, August 31, 2009

Been Burgled: Aftermath

We are somewhat getting back to normal, the house is now clean once more, the metal door will be coming back tomorrow, that would make the entrance to the house via the kitchen a little more secure, the same as before.

We were so lucky not to have lost anything of real sentimental value, I’d just realised the ‘important’ stuff doesn’t have any monetary value at all. Must admit that the camera was a real shocker for about 20 minutes, as it was not even a year old :(, the watch was another expensive item, but I haven’t wore it in ages, at the end it wasn’t the things they have taken that is really getting to me, but the fact that ‘they were in the house and wandering freely'!’.

We have decided to beef up the security, the railings did its job, but this has proven that railings can only slow down the Basta%@#, tomorrow a supplier will be coming to discuss about CCTV and other intrusion alarms (it seems to be all the rage now these days).

While going back to my normal routines around the house, I had kept discovering all of the other small things the ars# hol%& had taken, and it is getting to be a real pain. “They too the charger for my iPod!!!!!” how can I survive? (only kidding), each time a small thing was discovered missing, only brings back a feeling that I wouldn’t call it anger, but a real annoyance and somewhat ‘pissed off’ at the whole ordeal.

It is easy to be so suspicious of everyone, the security team that the housing estate had outsourced is on my list too. There have been so many cases that the burglars had turned out to be the security guards themselves. Then again it could be the manual labourers at a building site not 20 metres away, in fact these labourers are the number one suspect on the police list, most of the known burgled cases have been committed by them.

Only one question remains, the burglars must have spent at least half an hour trying to get into this house, and they must have made a real racket too (judging by all the damages)… and no one heard them? The house is on the main road, no more than 50 metres from the main and only entrance to the housing estate (where the guards were stationed). They certainly have lots of information, when the house would be empty, security route detail and timing, our returning time and so on. All in all it must be someone here.

I think this type of suspicions can run and run forever, the decision I have made is to let it go, Karma is the key… :)

At least no one was hurt, and that is the most important thing after all… :)