Friday, September 16, 2011

OH oooohhhh, WLW has issue with the new theme.

Everything was going swimmingly until last night, the blog is coming together nicely with the new theme, a lot of tweaking needed (but isn’t that part of the fun?), anyway I was preparing to walk down the arduous road of going through every post just to check the format until I realised that WLW (my fav.) was a little strange.

The WYSWYG is the key for me with WLW(Windows Live Writer), but with this new theme the theme on WLW wasn’t exactly the same as the theme on the blog, the width of the WLW imported theme is a little narrower making the well laid post on WLW becoming a little messy when upload to the site.

I had this problem before between WLW and Windows Live Blog, and that was the reason why I jumped ship to Blogger so many years ago.

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