Friday, September 30, 2011

7 Nights in Munich: (part 1) Sunday - Thursday.

This trip was on the card even before I had joined the company, an essential part of this project was to come to Munich to study from the brand owner, enough of the work part :) I have been looking forward and dreading this trip at the same time, simply because (respectively) I have not been to Munich before (in fact, first time to Germany) while on the other having to disappear for a week and leaving Gio in her 34th week all alone with Matt somehow worries me :)

The main theme of the whole trip was for us to spend a majority part of the day in a seminar, and together with some official evening engagement, simply meant we had little time to roam around Munich, but luckily some free time had also been slotted in to the timetable, what an insight by the organiser :)



The flight took around ten hours, but it passes by quickly (when travelling with friends), the plane touches down just a little before eight on the Sunday evening, immigration was so efficient and quick so in no time I was standing outside in a very crisp night air, coming from an oven cranked on full (Bangkok) and now standing in a refrigerator (Munich), was a welcome refreshing (literally) change. After meeting up with our driver we were soon whisked off straight to dinner on Maximilianstrasse, the rain was light, the air was calm and there was no noise apart from a few conversations that come and fade into the night, could it have been anymore different than BKK? (No).












The first full day was Monday, full day in the office and together with the official welcome dinner in the evening meant the whole day, although was very productive, was over in a blink of an eye, just as well as jet lag was hitting all of us quite hard.



Tuesday was pretty much the same as Monday, but after 5:30 was free time :), the group decision was to head for the centre of Munich, my camera was ready and fully charged :) Of course before I could touch the shutter button there were some mandatory shopping for Gio (lol), well with such a short (but Fort Knox expensive) list in hand the shopping was over in about half an hour, now to explore the city.














With population of around 1.4 million when compared to the Bangkok’s 10 million, the contrast was clear, walking around the city was such a joy to the extent that I was very late for our group dinner at Hofbrauhaus (I don’t think you can say you have visited Munich without coming to this place). A friend described it the best, Hofbrauhaus is like a calmer Oktoberfest but all year round :) The beer glasses were huge so were the meals :)


Wednesday evening was another ‘less’ official dinner with our host, and what a wonderful place they have chosen. Luckily we arrived quite early, the small town where the restaurant sits was more than a postcard picture, and of course once again, I was late for dinner :)







Thursday soon arrived, all the work stuff had wrapped up by the time the clock struck four, so once again we were off to the city centre, a friend and I decided to split from the group, bought a map and decided to have a wander around (the only shopping I had to do now was for Matt, and to be honest he would have been over the moon if I’d just brought him a piece of left over pizza, of course I didn’t :)












I am leaving Friday and Saturday for the next post, Oktoberfest and a full day at BMW Welt, Museum and Deutsches Museum deserves another post :) (too many pics).

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