Monday, September 12, 2011

Betting on a long shot :)

With the announcement of the new Sony SLT A77 the greed inside me have been stirring again, since the Nikon D90 was stolen I have been living (very happily) with Sony Nex-5, the aim have always been to move to full-frame after the Nex-5, I have no preference for the brand but the investment in the (future) lenses would ensure that I’ll have to stay in that brand’s eco-system until I win the lottery :)

ComparisonSo what have I been looking at, as of right now with the stagnation in the full-frame option, I have been looking at the mid range camera bodies, Nikon D7000, Canon 7D and the latest Sony SLT A77 and Nex-7, the plan was to stick a full-frame lens on one of these APS-C body.

Each of the body is in the range of between 1,400 USD to 1,800 USD (body only), a good Full Frame zoom lens will set me back another 1,000 to 2,000 USD. Putting the two together is a bit much, so I have to come up with an alternative solution.

Instead of focusing on the body, I have decided to look at the lens (Sony, Canon, Nikon) first, this will dictate my eco-system for the future. Canon seems to have a better range of lens follows by Nikon and then Sony.

NEX-5N_LA-EA2_SAL85F28Now my Nex-5 comes into play, I am leaning towards investing into a Sony’s full-frame lens because I can use it now with my Nex-5 (via the adapter LA-EA2), that would save me on getting a new interim body, all I have to wait now are for the reviews on how the LA-EA2 (with phase detection) performs (I am not too concern for the bulk it adds).

Rumours has it that the LA-EA2 will be around 300 USD, add this to the price of the FF lens may be the best solution for me at this time, but this of course is in hope that Sony will release a good FF body in the future, my preference have always been low noise in low light conditions, Nikon seems to have this cornered (low pixel density), let’s hope Sony has some tricks up its sleeves :)

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