Saturday, September 17, 2011

Going to miss it again.

Ultrasounds Machine

Dear Michella,

I am so sorry, looks like I am going to miss my chance to see you again this month, by the time your mother laid down on the bed for her ultrasounds appointment I should still be in Munich.

Your mother gets quite cross when I pretend to mess around with the Ultrasounds machine thingy (of course the Dr. was not there), you have no idea how tempting it was each time not to fiddle with it. All the plastic knobs and switches, all positioned so perfectly as if you can control everything with just one hand while blindfolded.

Not to mention all the different ‘heads’ to deliver the ultrasounds, then there are these two beautiful screens, and even a printer, as soon a I see you the Dr. can give me your portrait in about 10 seconds. Oh don’t forget the gorgeous trackball, sitting there smiling, begging to be push around, honestly.

Dad :)

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