Friday, July 30, 2010

Just like riding a bike… eeerrrrmmm

Actually it is literally just like riding a bike :) Once moved, I have decided to get a bike, and now the question is what bike? Originally I had my heart set on a motorcycle, at last I was going to have my own small pocket rocket… Well that wasn’t meant to be, still too many oppositions :)

There is no way I am going to drive to work, as the office is only down the road (2 Kms), so downgrading (or upgrading) to a bicycle was a logical choice. Being a total nube in the world of bicycle, and so by the grace of destiny, I happen to be sitting next to a colleague who happens to own over 15 bicycles, there was probably no one better to give me all the info. I need.

We have already visited a couple of stores, one was right here in our building (Specilized), and today we walked across Suan Lum Park to another large store (Trek), I have a small budget in mind, and so I pretty much left it in his hands to IMG_1792make all the decision, and with a quick hindsight it was the correct thing to do. I never knew how complicated these bicycles can be now, just like building a PC, all components can be ‘a la carte’ (if you have the money).

Frame, head set, fork, rear derailleur, front derailleur, rims, brake (disc/calliper) and etc… What the &^(*! considering different brands and the different grade of parts within that brand, was enough to set my head spinning… so I was more than grateful for his help :)

After we finished looking around and the store staff did some ‘careful’ measurement of my ‘bike’ size :) this friend picked up his bike from this ‘Trek’ shop (it went in to change the mud guards), so on the way back we had to walk through Suan Lum again, but this time he let me have a quick ride on his (foldable) bike… What a laugh… it must have been forever since I had ridden a bicycle :)