Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It’s (very) hard to say ‘Goodbye’ :)


Nothing much to say here, you started your summer school last Monday (12.07.10), which was a sign of you growing up, and soon you’ll notice the terrible addiction that I have… and the last thing I wanted is for you to be influenced by my action…

So, since your first day at school, I had decided to stop, to kick this habit of a life time… this won’t be my first time, I actually had a year break from this filthy habit when I’d left University, then went back on it again during my first job… so for over ten years straight now, I have been willingly enslaved to the plant :)

Getting back, last Monday was D-day… millions and millions kick the habit everyday, so this is nothing special… decided to give myself 7 days to slowly cut down, started on the Monday with 6, then down to 2 a day until Saturday, the Sunday was the first free day… It will be four full days, today… I do miss it… but there is no way I am going back… Like I said it was a habit, it felt a little strange after lunch and after work… but hey, habit can be broken, at least I am on the right road…

Many say, the taste buds will return, you’ll breath clearer, the sense of smell will be better and so on… and to be honest none of that happened to me, and I don’t care for it too much, all I know is that you’ll won’t smell it on me anymore… and that is enough to keep me going :)

Overall it has been relative easy, with support from your mother and friends at work (continuously giving me jibs, haa haa haa), made me laugh all the way… :)


Dad :)