Thursday, July 8, 2010

May be just a little too ‘Sabai’


Another terrible day on the road, so I had time to think back to the drastic changes we have made to your daily schedule. Usually you would be up around 06:30 to a bottle of 6Oz delicious milk, follow by breakfast at around 09:00, milk again at around 11:00, then a nap from about 11:30/12:00 to to around 14:00/15:00. So your lunch usually comes at around 16:00, plus another bottle of milk that would put your dinner at about 20:00!!! What?

We have realised the errors of our way, so now I get up at 05:30 every morning, among other things to get your breakfast ready by 07:00 (follow by a bottle of milk), this would put your lunch at a respectable time of around 12:00/13:00 follow shortly by your nap. You would be up again at around 16:00 for a bottle of milk then dinner at a perfect time of 18:00…

In the past you have thrown up in the evening, not everyday, but often enough for us to be concern, now with the changing of your schedule we are hoping this problem would go away :) So back to the picture, next week you’ll be starting your summer school, getting you there by 09:00 would be a challenge. This past Monday, the traffic was terrible, and the iPhone was our solution to keep you occupied, sitting in a car for almost two hours and going absolutely no where can frustrate all of us not to mention a little two year old with super hyper energy :)

The main reason that had made us changed your schedule was to get you to school on time (with breakfast inside of you), and so far in this trail week, we have not managed to get you there by nine, but we are getting closer and closer everyday ;)