Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Whatever it takes :)

IMG_1131 We have to resort to different strategies/tactics to get you to sleep, at first it was a simple case of holding you while we walked. Then that developed to putting you in the pram while we push you around, when we say ‘time to sleep’ you would simply pick up your favourite teddy then trotted off to the pram, climb in and promptly fall asleep after a few minutes of us pushing the pram around the house, well that worked for a couple of weeks.

On one occasion, when it was time to sleep, you found your favourite teddy, then just like usual trotted off to the pram, but instead of climbing in, you decided to dive down into the storage section of the pram and lay there wondering when I was going to push off. After a few minutes of pondering if whether I should pull you out, I decided just to push off and you felt promptly asleep soon after.

Decided to take a snap before we took you out and put you in the cot :) by the way this was the only time you had chosen this place to take a nap, I had tried several times afterward to get you into the pram either in the seat or in the storage area but you wouldn’t have any of it.

Currently we have 2 different ways to get you to sleep, for the afternoon nap we would simply put you in the car seat (that could be an ordeal in itself) and drive around, but for the nighttimes we would simply turn off all the lights, I would leave the room and your mother would pretend to sleep, eventually you would succumbed and snuggle up to your mother with your favourite teddy :)