Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Class All the Way :)

metroOne must admit, public transport in BKK isn’t the best in the World by a long chalk, the relatively recent introduction of BTS (aka Sky train starts its operation on the December 5th, 1999) and MRT (aka Underground, July 3rd 2004) was a God-sent, during peak hours the picture somewhat resembles closely to the often used shot of Japanese underground officers politely pushing the commuters into the train.

IMG_1004All in all, whether it be the public buses, BTS, MRT and even a troop of private ‘long tail’ boats have not elevated Bangkok’s horrendous traffic, my only choice of transport between A and B during peak hours is the ‘Motorcycle’ taxi :)

Better than any xtreme sport out there, after negotiating your ‘death’ ride price (to me the fare vaguely depends on the distant of the trip, the amount of the traffic and sometimes also on the state of mind of your driver/rider).

This is a second posting on ‘Motorcycle’ taxi on this blog; previously while riding pillion the picture was taken using a very old Nokia, this time the picture was taken with an iPhone, managed to take several photos, chose the best one, edit the chosen photo using a couple of apps, reviewed then post it to flickr and Facebook, all while still riding pillion (without a helmet and travelling (what felt like) at the speed of ‘Tron’ motorcycle). One tip, do keep your arms in tight when they weave in and out various gaps between the cars, clipping the side mirrors can be somewhat painful :)