Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Probably the Last Place on Earth…

Now baby, I do like playing hide and seek as much as the next dad, but when you play hide and seek with the house keys it’s just not on baby. You are almost two now, and perhaps playing hide and seek should be behind you :) what made it worst was that you still won’t talk (can’t would be more accurate), so my Spanish Inquisition attempt was just a waste of time.
IMG_1199 Last Sunday’s morning was especially a lazy Sunday, I believe you were the first one up and running. While your mother was in the bathroom, somehow you managed to find the house keys and all I heard were these jingling-jangling of keys while I was snoozing (half as sleep).
I didn’t notice when the jingling-jangling stops but by the time I was fully awake you were now running around with your teddy, honestly I didn’t even notice the keys were missing, that was until I wanted to get out of the house a couple of hours later.
Just like a flash back in a bad film, I had a chilly sunken feeling when I realised you were the last one who had the keys! First thought that immediately came to mind was, “it should be fine, at least it must be in the bedroom”, that line was repeated several times in my head as I got to the bedroom.
Cutting to the chase a little here, after combing through the room ‘five’ times with increasing woe and focused on detailed each time, it was becoming apparent that you had truly trumped yourself this time… I had even resulted to simulation! I took you to the bedroom, gave you another set of similar keys and let you do your thing :) hoping you would put these keys with the old set of keys! Useless, may be you were in a different state of mind but you just gave the second set of keys back (and I swore you had a huge grin on your face :) )

My search was getting to the point of insanely-illogical, I was looking in the top cupboards where even I could not reach, then doubt began to come into play, “did you give it back to me? And it was me who had misplaced it?”, “Did you threw them down the toilet?”.

IMG_1191 After the fifth time, I realised I was looking in the same place again and again… a passage came into my head, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is a sign of insanity”… So I stopped (had a shower), and changed strategy, ‘where do you usually play? And is it within your reach?’. Not more than a few minutes later I was shaking the speaker and heard the gorgeously wonderful jingling-jangling I head this morning :)

You had put the keys inside the right speaker, the hole at the base was just big enough for your fist to go through, and this music stereo had been forgotten yonks ago so I had not even though of looking here :) Please don’t be upset if I don’t let you play with the keys for the next couple of hundred years or so :) or until you can speak and tell me where you had put the darn keys :)