Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tighter than sardines in a tin


This isn’t an uncommon sight around Bangkok, workers/labourers crammed into a back of a truck, probably either heading towards or away from one of the many high-rises building projects.

I do wince every time I see this, a picture does not even begin to convey the searing  heat, the noise, the fumes nor the movement of all the bodies when the truck jolted off or to a stop, lives are certainly cheap around this part of the world.

A friend of mine noticed the signage above the truck, “Safety Zone” (white letters on the first line) followed by “Increase discipline traffic” (this is a direct translation, or perhaps “increase traffic discipline” would be better, basically it is saying, have more discipline in your driving).

Perhaps, it isn’t just the discipline in driving one needs to develop, there is also a need to go back to the basic in developing one’s ‘common sense’, there is no doubt that in several, if not in all cases, ‘Business Decision’ have made these lives (perhaps 60 to 80 lives) get into a back of a truck that could safely only fit 25 – 30 lives.

Perhaps, this was the last free truck to take them home, and they were willing to risk it at their own decision… or may be one of the other truck broke down so the only option is to fit all the people into the one truck… but can all these ‘perhaps’ make it right? :)