Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Plan B


Had a thought last night upon giving up the core i7 project, as there are no real MBs which support usb 3.0 at the moment, at first I was going to go with a Q9550 build just as a stop over (may be for a couple of years) , then a friend suggested that I should take a look at a Core i5 build as the prices will  not that much more than a Q9550 build… and that is the way I have chosen to go.

CPU:                 Core i5 750 [7,500 THB]
MB:                   Asus P7P55D Evo [7,350 THB]
CPU Fan:        Thermaltake, SpinQ VT [1,790 THB]
Ram:                Hyper-X 4GB 1600 [3,950 THB] 
Power:            Thermaltake Tough Power 850w[ 5,800 THB]
OP:                    Windows 7 Home Premium [3,990 THB]
Graphic:          XFX 4890 XT [7,450 THB]

The main differences between the core i5 and Q9550 build are the other components that I also have to change, if it was a Q9550 build, I could have used the old ram, cpu cooler and perhaps the psu, but at the end this investment could always be moved to another build down the road ahead.

So, I am assuming for the next build (after this one) I shall only have to upgrade the MB and CPU… :)