Monday, November 23, 2009

It had been such a long time… :)

IMG_0135 Your mother really wanted to go to the cinema last Friday, I was supposed to leave a little early so that perhaps we could catch the 4-5 pm showing of 2012 (your mother kept saying 2021 to the amusement of all her FB friends).

Being a reliable soul that I am, I just couldn't get away soon enough; feeling absolutely full of guilt I did the next best thing possible... took her to the pub and tried to get her drunk. Only kidding, it had been such a long time since we went out and with all the time we had (before picking you up) it was the perfect little excursion.

As a secondary action plan, I've been looking at a new TV set to replace the old clunk you've been watching. If we can't find the time to go to the cinemas, at least I can try to bring a cinema (sort of) to your mother (20 brownie points). The idea died just like trying to fly a paper kite in a heavy monsoon, and she does have a point, “when was the last time we sat down and watched a full featured film on the current TV”… I said in a very confident (but very, very quietly)… “Can’t remember”…

Love you,