Saturday, November 7, 2009

500 THB per Hour?

rfs2005You were exactly 18 months old a couple of days back, so it was a good time to start looking for your nursery… Here in Thailand there are so many options, not just the locations but the curriculum is also another headache.

English is such an important tool for today’s working environment, and in the future it can only gains in its importance, there are several nurseries that teaches purely in English and no Thai… But we are living in Thailand, not being taught Thai from the very beginning just doesn’t seem right (to me) somehow.

Of course there are several nurseries that have a bilingual curriculum, but often the command that one gains of the English language is not up to par with the purely English only nurseries. I was lucky enough to have started off in a bilingual school (my English was terrible), then at the age of 10 was sent to England until my graduation, so in a way I kind of have the best of both worlds.

One of the option that we have is a nursery near your mother’s office, so she popped round there yesterday and talked to one of the administrator, as a nursery go, you’ll only be there 3 hours a day and at 80,000 THB per term (3 terms in all) we are talking of around 500 THB an hour (excluding all the little extra charges… and the list is pretty long :) ).  At first it feels a little excessive, but like all the other parents, we really do want the best for you (or the best ‘of our ability’ is a more fitting description).

We still have some time yet, so we are going to look for more options in the same area, but we now realised the cost is very much in that range thus unavoidable… Time management is another big issue, we live right on the skirt of BKK, and commuting to your school in time for 08:30 is going to be a nightmare (for BKK’s notorious traffic) , and that again will affect your quality of life, having to have your breakfast in the car is not really what we wish for you. But if we find a nursery near our home that would mean your mother will have to relocate her small business to a home office, another big change there.

Of course these are not ‘the end of the world’ issues, but our cheese is certainly being moved soon and in more way than one… So what is the first of our action plan? Finding the right nursery seem to be the key, then everything else can evolve around that… :) looking forward to see you in your first school uniform… more opportunity for photographs, lets hope Nikon release the D700 replacement soon (sorry, I have to get back to a ‘boy’s toys’ comment).

Love you…

Mum and Dad