Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Great Long Weekend :)

What a tiring long weekend this was, we took you to Dusit Zoo on the Friday, then Suan Lum Park on Saturday, however the real highlight for your mother and I was the Sunday trip to Siam Ocean World as we have been meaning to visit this aquarium with you for some weeks now.

IMG_7050 I had really thought you would have been in awe with all the huge fishes (probably magnified by the aquarium’s glass/plastic wall)… but you definitely were not, I think you are just too young at the moment, all you wanted to do is to jump in the water to be with the fishes and run around in the dark :), all in all you seemed to had a great time… While your mother and I sole task was to run after you and pick you up every time you felt down (which was a lot). We are so glad we had visited this aquarium, to give you new experiences each week, well it beats just sitting at home doing nothing :)



IMG_7074By Sunday evening your mother and I had nothing left in our tank… and had a small celebration once you felt asleep :) over these past few days you have also developed a new dance, nothing more than several quick stomp with your feet follow by a side to side twist… We have no idea where you’d picked this up, but it brings a huge smile to your mother’s face each time you do it :)

Your Gymboree teacher had warned us about ‘Terrible Two’ stage, and we are now beginning to understand this, you are now operating in 2 modes, 1st mode is like being in ‘neutral’ that is when you are asleep, once you wake up you are in 2nd mode which is like being 5th gear all the time! running, climbing, taking everything apart, emptying cupboards, putting things in your mouth (from slippers to the door keys). 
Another development that makes me laugh is when you argue with your mother, it would be less funny if you were able to speak comprehensibly, but to hear your mumbles & jumbles in reply to your mother’s scolding was fantastically hilarious … :) You are now at home with your mother and I am missing you all very much… only 3 more hours before it’s time to go home :)