Saturday, May 23, 2009

Building a new system

It is such a bad time to think about building a new system, I was just gathering some information about building a new PC, and have come across so many factors that have put me off for the time being…

First of all Core i7 is still so expensive at this moment, all the new motherboards look so attractive but again I think USB 3 is coming, and it will be a while before that is incorporated into the MB. USB 3 is such a huge leap from USB 2, I think it is worthwhile to wait, this is especially true when I am in no rush to upgrade. Although my set up right now can be look upon as ‘pre-historic’ with Pentium D at the heart of the system.

Apart from the hardware, Windows 7 is only just beyond the horizon, and hopefully it will be as good as everyone is saying. Another development I am waiting for is the SSD, there is no doubt that soon it will be the standard C: drive (as soon as the capacity increases and the price drop). Another thing I am waiting for is the Drobo to come to Thailand, there are is no official distributor yet (fingers cross).

The most important thing is to get permission from your mother… :) and that could take a while…

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