Saturday, May 2, 2009

Not the Hospital again…

It is only a few days away from your first Birthday, your mother and I were discussing where we should take you for that special day, but we didn’t expect that we had to visit the hospital again.

There had been 3 big scares for us, first was the gas thing, to hear you cry from pain was totally unbearable. Not long after that was your allergic reaction to the medicine, to see you all red was frightening (but at least you were smiling), and no so long ago was the very high temperature… and now… you went and fell off your high cot (you should have heard the thump).

SANY0026 Sunday, 26th at around 9 am… your mother was only a couple of steps away, but you managed to climb on the cot’s railing when it went passed your waist the law of gravity did the rest. It must have been around 3 and a bit feet off the ground; head first… can you imagine our torment?

Huge bruise on the right temple, and a vicious black eye… it looked horrible, even I didn’t want to take a picture of it. It has been almost a week now, bruised eye is so much better but it is still a little purple. All through the past week you had been your normal self, still playing and eating well, so we had no concern (the Doctor said to keep a close eye on you).

This was by far the worst thing we had to face with you.

Yesterday was May 1st, a national holiday, with nothing better to do we took you on a small adventure. Decided to park the car at Chamchuri square, then caught the MRT (underground train) to Silom, changed onto the BTS (overhead sky train) to Siam. It was not that bad nor that easy, getting through both MRT and BTS with a huge pram was a challenge, it made us realised that the whole public transport didn’t make that much provisions for the disabled (I mean we only had a pram, so we always could just carry you when it was necessary).

There were no special lanes for the disabled, just as an example, if one was to exit the station on a wheelchair, one had to go to the exit then insert the token so that the exit gate would open, but the exit gate is tiny, meaning one had to go all the way to the entrance where there is a manual door wide enough for the wheelchair… what a pain in the %$#. This is just getting out of a station, getting to the station itself can be almost impossible, not all of the stations (MRT and BTS) even have elevators… How can one call this ‘public’ transport?

Because you are now moving so much, I had decided to get a small camcorder to compliment the new DSLR I had recently bought. The quality of the VDO was not high on my requirement list (anything better than the VDO mode on a point and shoot would do), so I had gone with the Sanyo CA9… not a bad choice considering what I needed, the additional bonus is the 1.5 meter waterproof capability. So I am no longer taking pictures, just small clips of VDO, what a laugh it had been, I have this shot of you trying to walk (holding tightly to Gio) while we were waiting for the MRT train… beautiful…

This afternoon you’ll be going to Gymboree and I am sure there will be many more great shots there… can not wait…

Love you so much


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