Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy First Birthday

DSC_0790 Happy Birthday… you are a massive 1 year old (May 5th), luckily you were born on a public holiday (Chatmonkol Day) so I had a day off. As you can see, your right eye is still a little green, trust me it looks a lot better than just a couple of days ago.

After your breakfast and your morning sleep we decided to go out, the first port of call was ‘Baromrachakarnjanapisekanusorn’ temple, it was close by and had become well known through television (still getting use to the camera, this time I had left it on iso 1600 by mistake… so the pics look a little grainy… :) )


It was such a hot day even for Thailand, moving from building to building we had to walk barefoot on searing hot stone floor, I should have taken some clips of us running across the hot floor, it was not a pretty sight.


After  arriving there, it was not difficult to gasp why it took over 12 years to build this Chinese style temple; full of small detail and very well structurally organised, all in all very impressive.

I don’t want to admit this, but I think your mother can take better photos than I can on this camera.

After the temple, the next stop was a water market near by, your mother came across this from one of the guide she was given (sorry I can not remember the name of this water market), it was about 20 Kms away but the drive took longer than it should because the roads were terrible (most of the roads were under construction). We must have arrived there around 15:00, but the market was already closing, most of the stalls were closing up, so the plan to have a late lunch here went out of the window.

DSC_0849Copy of DSC_0838



Cap%20001_thumb[3]Driving back home was not that bad, we had to stop off at a market near our home to get some dinner, your mother and I were both totally famish, more importantly we had to get you a cake… how can it be a birthday without a cake? :)

Of course we took forever shopping, this time our stomachs were much larger than our eyes… Anyway, we got a cake and a candle as you can see (sorry, this photo was captured from an mp4 clip so the quality is rather terrible).

I am still trying to find a free mp4 editor program, so there will be no post of any clip until then…

Love you.

Mum and Dad

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