Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not as difficult as the real 2 iron

DSC_0888 (2)Right after Songkran (April) we were told you’ll be moving up to level 3 at your weekly Gymboree class, meaning it will now starts at 15:00 rather than 14:00, which is of course great for us, no more rushing around trying to get there on time (but somehow we still managed to be late).

Level 3 is for babies who are just started to walk, most of your classmates have also moved up as well (Taeya and Pound). It is such a laugh for me to see all of you walking and falling all over the place, this time your teacher was trying to get all of you to kick a ball… what a lark that was! It was more like playing golf, I mean, I was the golfer and you were my 2 iron, because there was no hope in h$%^ you were going to kick that ball so I cheated (just) a little, by picking you up and used you like a golf club to hit the ball… your mother was not impressed. 

DSC_0874 (2)DSC_0934 (2)DSC_0920

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