Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting Slightly Better? (29.09.2008)

The first thing your mother and I do in the morning now is to check your foot, we were very disappointed to find that it was not getting any better (still swollen), but you were your cheerful self, and your temperature was normal...

The visit to the Dr. yesterday was quick and kind of fruitless, we could tell that he was concern (he had already prescribed all that he could), before we left he made another prognosis, that may be your foot was broken, and that was the reason for the swelling... but he said he was not quite sure because when we squeeze your foot you didn't show any sign of pain.

The Dr. said to give it a week, at least this time he had not prescribed any more medicine for you... I am sure you'll be glad at that, the pink solution looked purely evil... haa haa haa.

It takes around an hour to drive from our house to my parents (on a good day), and of course you sat in your little car seat with your mother next to you (most of the time putting on her make up :)), and this morning she was telling me that your foot felt a little softer than yesterday (she should know because she was massaging you foot all the while we were on the road), we are hoping so much that your foot would return to normal soon.

It certainly looked less red, let us wait and see how it looks tonight... fingers cross...

Love you


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