Thursday, September 18, 2008

No G10 for me (yet)

g10 Your mother won't let me get the new Canon G10 ... it should be coming out in November, probably a little later for Thailand. I have been a firmed fan of the G series for quite a while now, actually it all started with the S60, then 2 G6s (one was stolen while your mother and I went to help out with the Tsunami (26th December 2004), you should read up on that), and now I have the controversial G7 (no RAW mode & fixed LCD screen, of course it means nothing to me...).

5 days after I had bought the G7 (and this is very typical for me), the G9 arrives, and the worst thing was that it was cheaper than my G7! Your mother enjoyed that very much... of course there was no hope in hell I could have bought the G9 so soon after getting the G7 (not because of my own common sense, basically, your mother wouldn't have allowed it (we were married by then)).

Coming back to the 'now', G10, I have already started pestering your mother for this (same old strategy, this pestering skill have been refined since I was about 7, when it was used extensively with your Grandmother), having no clue how much it costs have hampered my chance of trying to convince your mother give me the green light to get the darn thing... I am sure I am going to win out in the end... keep your fingers crossed for me.



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