Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012 :)

As usual we decided to stay in BKK for the holiday, with Marcella being less than two months it was probably the best choice. With Gio being Catholic, she decided to have the baptism for Marcella on the very first day of the year, yet another great choice, not so many people, the ceremony went like clockwork, no tears whatsoever.



How did I knew that he had to sit there on the tallest pile of chairs? It must be my ‘Bourne Identity’ type training, like a moth always wanting to head butt a burning light bulb, he beamed for the pile of chairs with singular intent, like his own personal Everest… it must be conquered, and he did with my help of course.

So here is a rare picture of the whole gang :) what a thought cliché I am having… “Good grief I look so old”… I am glad Matt stuck to his game plan again with his special brand of smile, Marcella is sleeping like a baby (duhh, of course), Gio is forever complaining about her weight as it was going down rather slower than her expectation (this was after she had murdered two huge cupcakes), lol.

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