Thursday, January 5, 2012

Are you interesting enough for 10 ‘quality’ posts a month?

Got this pic from writing about what you’ve found interesting on the Internet or just re-posting interesting articles from other sources, no other’s people’s Youtube, no global events, no interjections/ comments / reviews / thoughts / dreams / aspirations. Just your life, your actions, reactions, environment of your life, will it be interesting enough for ten quality posts a month, or how about 120 quality posts a year?

The foundation of this blog is a diary of me and the family, no thoughts, no rants (well that isn’t quite true, only a couple though), a few desires (mostly tech. stuff), some domestic events (National elections, flooding and so on) and certainly no dreams (only a few ‘hopes’ here and there).

This year I was going to try for ten quality posts per month, being a realist that I am, I don’t think I can make it, unless I throw one of the baby out of the window, that should provide me with content for the whole year, imagine all the trips to the court and prison :) (I am truly kidding, creating own content is one thing but creating a National headline is another).

Clicking ‘Next Blog’ to jump to the next blog (obviously) in the ‘Blogger Universe’ repeatedly, made me a bit sad but not surprised to see so many blogs started off so well, just like a new plant sitting on their windowsill, they must have watered it every day and really looked after it, because the quality and the number of posts were all so blooming. Then something happened, it suddenly wilted and died.

Looking at my own, for Q1 of 2010 I had only managed 8 postings; to tell you the truth having a family with small children really helps, all the hospital visits, all the holidays, wetting the bed and poop events (interesting to others or not, certainly are very interesting to us) are prime arsenal for my blog, as it was intended to be, a diary.

And I know now when this blog will die, probably when my kids are about 12 or 13, then I can not see myself writing to them (about them) anymore, in fact they will probably be keeping some kind of a blog of their own or more likely be using facebook / google+ like the rest of the universe. So most of my content would have disappeared, and where else will I likely to be spending my blog retirement, probably flickr :)

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