Saturday, May 28, 2011

What a disappointment Luminox (! Part II

experienceWell, lets just chalk one up for experience, wrote back in a very (blunt, not even a ‘Dear Valued Customer’) short email, that they were willing to reimburse back 10% of the retail price. Without much of a thought I wrote back saying that I would preferred to exchange for the same watch.

After having time to read their exchange policy, it was clear that I shall have to pay for the shipping, to payout another 45 US$ was just too much to swallow (as I was already in a foul mood), I had decided to write back before they had a chance to reply, that I’ve changed my mind and will accept their offer (also additionally there were some polite comments on how unprofessional it was to send out a product without ‘Quality Control’), I am still waiting for their reply.


At the end of the day I can probably change the faulty parts under Luminox International warranty (just more hassle on my part).

There is no need to blow this out of proportion, just another poor choice in life, like buying a Harmonica or a plastic hammer for a two year old :) so here are my thoughts.


  1. Was this defected watch sold ‘knowingly’ at a special discounted price from Luminox to Because the defects were so plain to see, it is so clear that Luminox is very proud of their Luminox Light Technology (LLT), the so called ‘Always Visible’… Come on, how can you release a watch that is ‘Always ‘NOT’ Visible’. If this is true then they are both ‘knowingly’ cheating their customers, as the watch was advertised as ‘new’.
  2. If this was done unknowingly then how can Luminox release this watch to And more importantly didn’t checked the watch when they received it from Luminox? Where is the QC from both parties? What kind of a process is this? Is Luminox / a mama & papa amateur operation?
  3. Didn’t spend two minutes looking at the watch before shipping to their customers? There is such a lack in their daily operation, it is so hard to believe that anyone can run a business like this.

Like I said, this isn’t the end of the world, realistically it is far from it; just feel like being cheated and a whole lot of disappointment, that is all :)