Monday, September 21, 2009

The Prices are in…

After spending so much dough this month on home security so that there won’t be a third time… I am back on the trail of the pc upgrade project, managed to visit a local hardware store to get some prices, after a short discussion it looks like I may need to replace my power supply as well…

Going back to the net, here are the bold park prices for the hardware (based on US$ 1 : 35 Baths);

      CPU - Core i7 920                  10,490 Bahts (US$ 300)
   MB  - Asus
P6T Deluxe V2           10,490 Bahts (US$ 300)
   Ram - OCZ 2x3 6GB, 1333            4,950  Bahts (US$ 142)
   GC  - Asus GTX 275 896MB DDR3      8,790  Bahts (US$ 252)
   FAN - Coolermaster V8              2,350  Bahts (US$ 68)
   PSU - Tough Power 850W             5,800  Bahts (US$ 166)

                          Total       42,870 Bahts (US$ 1,225)

Whooooow, I think that is just a little too much… and I haven’t added the cost of Windows 7.

I still can not believe my existing Enermax 535W won’t be enough for this new system. Thinking of leaving out the GTX 275 for the time being, making the whole project down to around 34,080 Bahts (US$ 974), not too bad, although I can not see Gio approving this… :) (that is about the price of an iPhone here in Thailand).