Friday, September 4, 2009

Detour to Hualampong

On the days when I come into work with you and your mother, she would drop me off at Hua-Lam-Pong Main (and to my limited knowledge, the only) Railway Station, I am not here to catch the train, but on July 3rd, 2004 the underground line (singular) was opened, and Hua-Lam-Pong doubles up as the main Underground station as well (it makes sense).



I had decided to take a little detour (28.08.2009), instead of rushing down the hole to the trains, I walked passed the MRT (underground) and right into Hua-Lam-Pong, in my 37 years on this earth I have travelled by train only once, and have been to Hua-Lam-Pong three times before (once was to use the loo).


IMG_6501 During holiday season I would be a little envious of these kids rushing to Hua-Lam-Pong totally laden up with guitars, bags and bags of useless snacks, bongo, sleeping bags and etc (you get the picture) looking forward to get totally sloshed by the sea or some other places even more gorgeous.

Once there, out came the G7 (this was before the D90 was stolen… :(, a few snaps were taken before I headed toward the exhibition in the centre of the hall. It turned out to be  a photography exhibition of all things ‘Train’ in Thailand, oh, what a spoiler to my plan.




IMG_6503 I was suppose to be there for a couple of minutes, take a few pics (for keep sakes) then rush to work, like all the best plans, you have to adapt it to the current environment, so I was ‘way’ late to work on this day (it was all worth it though).