Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Been Burgled: Security

Bosch vr8 flyer

We had discovered the break in on Friday evening, moving like a true swift, yesterday we had a sales representative from a security system dealer to give us a quotation on a burglar alarm.

This company came recommended from a friend who had also used their service recently, this had saved us so much time in screening a potential supplier.

As for the chosen system, here in Thailand, if you look into it there are actually several brands (coming from all over the world), again we followed Gio’s friend’s advice and with a little more research it seemed to be a good choice. Especially being a wireless system, there was no need to do any wiring.

VR8, control box can have up to 16 individual sensors, due to the shape of the house we had to ordered additional movement detectors (2 came with the set, so 9 extra were needed), that leaves us with 5 more sensors, the decision was to go for a cheaper magnet sensors, now all we have to do is to do now is to determine where to put the 5 magnets.


Next is the CCTV system, this is kind a less urgent, so we are going slowly with this, it involves a lot more work and quite expensive. Many more variables needed to be considered, wiring all around the home, camera type, placement, DVR and etc. Hopefully, with all the railings in place once more, and this new burglar alarm, having some ar%# hol^# coming into our home uninvited should be the thing of the past.