Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bits of Bangkok, Lumpini Park

I can not believe that the 5 days ‘New Year’ holiday is over, so back to all the headaches tomorrow… :)

You and I had some spare time this evening, as it was just the two of us (your mother had to go to church) I had decided to take you to Lumpini Park instead of our usual stint at the ‘All Seasons Place’ (prime office building and some retail space).

Lumpinee MapLumpini Park is the most well known park in the whole country, I am not much of a ‘Park’ person, mainly because of parking spaces, darn near impossible to find one.

Well, all that have changed since your arrival, with a little effort (and loads (times ten to the power of ‘forever’) of patience) we are slowly over coming my loath of trying to find a parking space in a busy area.

With only the two of us, it was tough trying to take pictures as well as pushing you around (I mean in your pram… haa haa haa), so today’s pics are not very exciting…

None the less, Lumpini Park was fun, especially the open air ‘Aerobics Class’, and the two lakes, not to mention the millions of people whizzing by and overtaking us (we call them joggers…).

You were totally transfixed at the sight of hundreds of people jumping and making moves in (almost, kind of) perfect unison.















I am not much of a historian when it comes to ‘Parks’ in Thailand (in fact not much of a historian full stop). But judging by the age of the trees (nor am I a tree expert) Lumpini Park must be quite old (give me 5 mins to Google/Wiki…, yep, oldest in Thailand, created in 1920s by King Rama the VI).

Your mother and I have already made plan to come back here, we need a good 2 hours to walk around the whole park…



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