Wednesday, December 31, 2008

eeerrrr… may be a little too much?

Once you are on the ground, you are just like a little remote control car at full throttle… and Thailand (due to the heat), most of the houses have marble floors instead of carpets (as in England), the hard floor isn’t so kind on your hands and knees. Following one of our friend, we have decided to get some rubber mattresses for you… judging by the pic., may be we went over board “just a little… :)”

IMG_6009 Each mattress is 1.8 by 2 metres, and without much thought we had ordered 5… haa haa haa. I must say, so far your mother and I are enjoying the mattresses more than you have, trying to re-live our PE classes all those many years ago… (I have a vdo of your mother trying to stand on her head… with a ‘perfect’ failure rate of 100%.

Unfortunately, the mattresses are made of real rubber and it is giving a funny smell, so we are going to leave it out at the front of the house for a couple of days before moving it to the back where we have our living room.

I am sure your mother will try yet again to stand on her head, and as you will find out when you are older, your mother can be very determined, especially when I said there was no way she was going to make it :)

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