Saturday, January 10, 2009


2009 had just started, and there are already so many changes. Your mother is making a career change, so there are quite a bit of pressure on her at the moment, as for me, same shi* but different year in the work department, haa haa haa.

As for you, now just a little over 8 months and finding everything absolutely fascinating, especially the electrical outlets (why do all babies goal in life (at eight months old) is to get electrocuted? Another puzzling thing is, you seem to have all of the electrical plugs location imprinted in your brain… May be at a very young age, your brain is working similar to a pigeon’s brain, being able to track electro-magnetic waves, because thanks to you, we are finding the plugs that we didn’t knew had existed.

At least we have another 2 New Years to look forward to, the next one is coming at the end of January, the Chinese New Year. I think we are only going to get just one day off here (unlike 5 days off that we had with the conventional New Year). After that comes the big one, the Thai’s New Year (Songkran), celebrated in April and for this year I think we may get 5 days off again…

In Feb. it will be your first trip out of Bangkok (not counting while you were in your mummy’s huge tummy), the plan is to go to Huahin, one of the seaside town to the south of Bangkok (about a 3 hours drive), we are both really looking forward to see your expression when you looked at the sea for the very first time… :)

Love you


M & D

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