Monday, March 17, 2008

Walk about

I have an annoying habit of snapping random pictures, so have a little patience with me as I shall always be pointing a camera in your face, especially for your 1st year... :) I am not claiming to be a professional but it is just so much fun taking photographs (that is as long as I am behind the lens); using mobile phones, point and shoot or even DSLR, absolutely anything will do for me... This will probably rub off on you as well... hee hee.

05012008(004) From Central World side entrance leading to the upper walk way that leads to the BTS

09032008(002) 09032008(004w)This is where I waited for your mother every Sunday for the past 5 - 6 years... :)

15032008(008) Whilst walking at Central Chidlom (if your mother has her way you'll be spending a big part of your life right here... shoes shopping is her thing)

Anyway, sorry for not getting to the point. Here are the daily clothes that I think you would prefer to wear over your mother's amazingly nice, smart, and acceptable attire.

You'll find many strange but very wonderful things when you are here, just an example, the economy is very tough at the moment, not as bad as the 'Tom Yum Kung' back in 1997, none the less it is still difficult.

I think the retail section is suffering the most, and here is just one of the campaign that brought a smile to my face... Bringing Europe to Thailand...

15032008(014) Just in case you are wondering what I am going on about just take a look at this, and no, your eyes are not fooling you, that is 'Big Ben' (one of the most well known landmark for London), it is now in Central's parking lot...  

16032008(001) Sorry for such a poor picture, with the Big Ben sitting peacefully outside next to a Toyota pickup, while the Eiffel Tower standing proudly right in the centre of the department store (I had only managed to get the top of it)... What a wonderful sight to behold... :)



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