Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday 08.03.08

You must be so disappointed in us today, as was mentioned to you yesterday, today was supposed to be your shopping day. Earlier on everything went according to plan.

Got up, done the laundry, left home around 14:00, first port of call was Sirikit's conference centre, your mother wanted to drop by the booth. Second stop was Saint Louis Soi 3 we wanted to check out some properties (your mother is working on something, tell you later).

Then it was supposed to be a shopping spree for your arrival. Got to the department store, went straight to the baby section... and nothing happened... We didn't know where to begin! You will appreciate this when you get older, I mean, there were tons and tons of 'things'. So we decided to buy the big thing first, your bed :)

We haven't got it yet, but the one we have marked out, you'll love it, although it looks like a mini prison with a tent and everything, at least it isn't blue (because everything else were blue (either that it was pink) from bottles to everything wearable.

Actually it was all my fault, I told your mother to leave the 'mega' list behind... sorry, promised to make it up to you next week.



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