Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday 07.03.2008

I took a day off work today, you'll notice that I shall always take 7th of March off as it is my birthday. Your mother also took a day off as well, she is just using me as an excuse :)

Although we took today off, but your mother managed to go to work again. Right now she is working at low cost airlines (I am not sure if I should have said low fare airlines or something more politically correct). Don't ask me what she does, she has a lot on her plate at the moment, and on top of all that she has to also carry you everywhere, and you are getting heavier everyday... haa haa haa.     

IMG_1236 There you go, Nok Air, one of the latest low fare airlines. The event you are seeing right now is 'Thai Teaw Thai', where many travel agents, tour operators, Hotels, Resorts and airlines come together to sell their inventory at discount prices.

The industry is quite tough, two of the main competitors are Air Asia and One Two Go...

IMG_1240 I am not sure what kind of a person you'll grow up to be, but if you turn out to be political minded then you'll be interested to know the story behind Air Asia, there is a rumour that it involved one of Thailand's most controversial Prime Minister, I am sure you can read this theory in a book somewhere.


IMG_1242This is One Two Go, not so long ago one of its plane had an accident while landing with dire consequences. All seemed to be forgotten judging by the queue here.


I believe your mother is now lying on the bed, with the laptop resting very close to your head, so don't be surprised if you can here her air-card signals flying across your head. I am going to totally blame her if you arrive here without any hair... lol

Tomorrow we are going to start shopping for you, I hope you do like the colour blue with silly characters all over the place, I am saying that because you don't seem to have that many choices.

When you get to be about 5 you'll probably want one of those Batman attire (cape and hood included), I am sorry to say, there is no way your mother will allow that. If it was up to me, now that would be different. You can wear your Batman attire any time, as I have always wanted to be Superman... :) Imagine us walking down Sukhumvit road! haa haa haa.



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