Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Windows Live Writer & MSN Weather

I am a novice at this blogging thing but just in case anyone out there just like me, I would strongly suggest that you load 'Windows Live Writer', this is what I am using now to write this entry.

It is a small program, from the download information, it is approximately 5MB, I am connected to the Web through an absolutely ancient modem (56K), and it loaded with no problem. I have no idea if there is a better free tool for this purposes, but so far it is so what I need for now. Have yet to try out all the functions... looking forward to trying all of the bells and whistles with this new tool (for one thing it automatically does the spell check just like MS word).

On to another issue, for some strange reason, some Live Space users can add MSN weather gadget to their blog (preloaded into the Module/Gadget section) but for some this doesn't even appear as an option to be chosen!

Any suggestions?



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