Thursday, February 28, 2008

Friday 29.02.2008, see you tomorrow

4 weeks have just flown by, we are so happy to get a chance to see you again tomorrow, hoping that this time we can get a really clear picture of you, so as a prior warning, please don't put your arms up.
Your mother isn't going to have any breakfast tomorrow, she is trying to cheat the doctor (lol), she was told off last time for gaining the weight too quickly, so tomorrow her limit is to gain no more than a kilo. Apart from having no breakfast, and to show you how your mother's mind work, she isn't going to wear her jeans either (don't miss understand me, I mean she isn't going to go there with just her underwear)...
Tell you the truth, I don't think having no breakfast or wearing light clothes will help, in fact, even with no clothes she will still get told off by the Dr., unless of course she hacks off some of her body parts (may be a couple of arms or an arm and a leg) there is no way on earth she can fool the scale this time... haa haa.

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