Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday 23.02.08

Your mother was her usual self again today, woke up quite early this morning and headed straight to the kitchen :) afterwards she headed for the garden (with a hefty shears in here hands), which basically means a couple of trees or plants are doomed (this isn't a joke, so far all the tomatoes have died, and she must have planted at least 7 of them), you can see her candid skills for yourself when you are here.
In the afternoon we went to see 'Jumper' remind me to get you a DVD when you are here, actually thinking about it, by the time you are here (and able to understand) DVD could be the thing of the past, from the recent development it could well be 'Blue Ray' (another one of Sony's concoction). Not a bad film, by the look of things there should be sequel (may be 2 more).
I am not sure how heavy you are now, but your mother have gained almost 15 Kgs now... haa haa haa, apparently she just wanted to make sure that you are well fed (lol). You seem to be moving a lot now, you should see the smile on her face, I'll try to take a picture just for you.

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