Friday, December 16, 2011

Pixel Binning, just tell me when and where :)


As usual I was looking around (I think the name describes itself fairly clearly), their latest poll was “Select your future A77 firmware upgrade must have features”.

The third most wished was the ability to ‘Pixel Binning’, I have never herd of this before but after finding out more, I was surprised that it came third.

Pixel Binning is the ability to choose  lower resolution (less Megapixel) and have the pixel join up (so to speak) to make bigger pixel, this should achieve higher (better) signal to noise ratio (I am probably messing this up), so your camera should take cleaner pictures in low light situations (less ISO required).

I’ve been to the Sony store a few times now, only to play around with the A77… only to walk away without taking out the plastic :) Now, if the next firmware have this pixel binning and it works properly… wow, just tell me when and where :)

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